Sunday, July 9th, 2028


:To Add this Journal:
-*Drama Not Allowed*-
-*Respect me and I will respect you*-
-*Leave your flames at the door*-
-*Be open minded*-
-*Know who and what a Cancerian is*-
-*Know I am a walking contradiction*-
-*Know I am everything but simple*-
-*Know I am not what someone thinks I am*-
-*Know I am a Motley Crue fanatic*-
-*Know I am a Rocker without the sex, drugs, and alcohol*-
-*Know I am a Pagan; not a Satan worshipper*-
-*Know my Father was, and always will be, my hero*-
-*Know that I am my own worst enemy*-
-*Know that I have learned to become a strong woman with a voice that I now allow to be heard. I do not take shit from anyone, no matter who they are to me. If I am not in the mood to be around you, I will not be around you. That is that.*-
-*Know that if you can handle this and more, you're welcome to my journal*-

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